Chart Collection

TADS SENC chart collection

The differences between ENC and SENC

Action ENC SENC Comments
Electronic Navigational Chart complied and coded according to the standards of the IHO Standards (S57 Version 3.1)
Based on official data only available for use in a type-approved ECDIS
Regularly updated with official update information distributed digitally
Can order/handle chart administration online via Transas Chart Assistant simplifying ordering procedures  
Using Transas Chart Assistant program
Requires time for the ECDIS to convert the data into a format that can run in the system itself
  Installation and conversion of ENC data can be time consuming. Tests show that SENC installation is approximately 8 times faster than standard ENC installation
Comes pre-formatted for instant upload and use within the ECDIS  
As supplied on TADS CD/DVD

SENC (System Electronic Navigation Chart) is ENC data that has been compiled into the internal format of a specific Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

  • Transas is the only ECDIS manufacturer providing a SENC Service
  • Transas delivers official ENC data from the UKHO, in SENC format as per IHO guidelines
  • The Transas SENC Distribution Service was fully tested and approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Where available, the chart cells are licensed for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. In some countries, Hydrographic Offices do not allow all subscription periods
  • The SENC Base issues are distributed quarterly on CD/DVD or via the Transas website. Updates are released on a weekly basis and distributed regularly via email, online or CD/DVD and can be downloaded from the Transas web-site.
  • The Chart administration onboard is done through Transas Chart Assistant or Transas Navi-Planner

Figures based on 406 charts loaded + 1 update CD
ENC=68 minutes SENC=7 minutes